WinterBells game, jump my little rabbit.

Cute Overload!
That is the feeling you get when you play bells for the first time.

Simple but eye catching graphics and a perfect fluid sensation while jumping from bell to bell.

Don't really know the sub story of this game, as it doesn't feature any intro, but for some reason.. you control the fate of a cute white rabbit that tries to climb as high as it possibly can (76.030 height points in my case).

Controls are as simple as they get, click once to start the game, and just use the mouse to guide your rabbit.

This is perfect game for an office contest, in the Christmas-new-year holiday mood.
Thanx chchrist for the link.

Have fun.

JetPack mission, a great graphics game

Great graphics!!!
No no no... Perfect graphics!!!!

+Great gameplay, based on a seen before idea where you set power and angle on your character and try to achieve a jump to a platform.
Having done that in the right way, Origummy (your character) lands gracefully and you prepare yourself for the next jump.

Thats it. Press one of the screenshots to start the game, neglect to read the instructions and you have missed half of the game features!!!

I don't know who this Stimunation team is, but they surely like to do great things. This game is full of small -and great- features that really make a difference.
The more graceful you land over a platform, the more points you gather but even if you make a lousy job, Origummy will try to hang himself from the cliff and save you a life.

While in mid-air you can perform special moves by using the arrow or a,s,w,d keys to acquire even more bonus points. Be warned that you must land on your feet to get the points, and while doing stunts the hang-from-cliff-to-save-my-life feature is disabled.

And just to make things even better, there are 2 more things to have in mind and make your life easier: Airbrakes and Booster.
Airbrakes is what you need when you really overuse the power meter, pressing the space bar will cause you to stop instantly and fall straight down to the platform.
Booster is just the opposite. After making a sissy jump you can press the left button again in order to get some more boost to save your -sissy- life.

Finally, one last tip.
Some of the platforms are hazardous to your health. Some will hurt you when you land on them, other will crumble if you stand on them too long. Learn to identify each one to avoid danger.

Have fun.

Gun Run - a 5 minute Game

This is a cool game I found in Miniclip categorized as a 5 minute (in a hurry) game.

You get to control a -monopoly like- little man with a gun, using the a,d,w (left, right, jump) buttons. Aim with your mouse and press that left click to kill those weird shaped opponents.

Throughout the game you try to gather the dollar thingies to build up your high score, gun power-ups, and every few minutes the yellow bar at the bottom fills up and you proceed to the next level.

Next level means bigger, weirder and more lethal opponents but just that. Don't expect any dramatical changes over the levels, such as background or gameplay stuff.

I really enjoyed the yellowish atmosphere, the artistic - innovative appearance of the opponents and the fluid - relaxed sense of control you have on your character.

As the title implies, Its a great 5 minute game.

Neverball game

What could be said about this perfect open source game…

It started as a test in physics, continued as a game of mini golf (which is included in the installation) and the final version became the masterpiece you are looking at this moment.

Main idea of this game is that your character (the ball) should eat all the coins and go through the exit in a limited amount of time. Add some levers, moving obstacles, teleporters and pit holes and you get a balanced combination of puzzle, platform, ball moving game.

Lots of hours filled with frustration, trying to pass just one or two levels. Cause even though it starts pretty easy, you won’t be able to finish it unless you become the super master of Neverball.This game features very good ambient graphics, with a lot of reflections and vivid colors. Nice music that will be turned off in less than a week of gaming, and a perfect-rare sense of gameplay.

The strongest part of this game though is its resistance through time!!! You won’t be able to stop until you manage to finish it, and keep in mind that this won't be an easy task.

The official web site is, where you will find the download link.
I would to remind you that this is not an online internet game. Windows users should download this file and full extract it in order to play. (i assume that linux users allready know what they should do)

AirMonkey. The one button game

I love weird new ideas that make it into a good game, and AirMonkey is a perfect example of this...
The whole purpose of the game is to help the monkey reach the safe-house which is located at the top of a tree.

They only key that you use to control your monkey is the left click of your mouse!!! Each time you press it, your monkey jumps like Tarzan, and tries to grab one of the ropes hanging around.

Of course, just as on every self respecting game, there are special bonuses and features, like bananas that make you jump higher, leaves that give you bonus points and even falling sticks that you should avoid at all costs.

Graphics are pretty good, for an online flash game that is, but I really wouldn’t mind a more colourful (web 2.0) approach. Music is a mixture of ambient sounds from nature combined with some hop sounds every time you jump.

Don’t forget to press the "instructions and helpful tips" button on the main screen of the game. One of the most useful tips is how to call the trampoline in case you are falling from the tree. (Click repeatedly, and pray).